She with the big heart

Therapy groups are a great adjunct to individual treatment.  A group setting helps us develop as well our social and communication skills. A group environment is safe for participants to explore their vulnerabilities, limitations, potential life changes, and dreams.  With feedback from group participants, one can learn to create healthy emotional boundaries as well as develop a deeper appreciation for their individual strengths and values.

  • Women’s Group “Entre Nous”:  a supportive group for women of all ages,  and developmental life stages;
  • “Beyond Blood:” Menopause as a Transformation: Supportive therapy sessions for menopausal, pre-, and post-menopausal women. Peri-menopause is a normal , deeply transformative time in each women’s life cycle.  At this life stage, we are deeply encouraged to let go of any feelings of loss, emptiness and unworthiness, and,  instead, embrace feelings of new found inner power, authority, and vision.  Native Americans say when women stop their menstrual bleeding, that blood is being used to create wisdom;
  • Jungian-oriented, Dream therapy group:  exploring our dreams helps us reinforce our psychological and spiritual tools in order to heal inner conflicts and increase trust in the gifts of our own unconscious.


It is often easier to express what we feel without words.  Art often helps us understand and heal emotions we are not even consciously aware of – such as fear, anger, grief, or deep worries.  When not addressed, these emotions can impair our sleep, mental concentration, and physical health.

  • Meditative Watercolor Painting:   Color is vital to our well-being. Its energy impacts us on a physical, mental and emotional levels. Based on the theory of healing properties of light and colors established by Goethe, the great German poet and scientist, and further developed by Rudolf Steiner’s healing and educational method, still taught all over the world at the Waldorf schools. This type of painting activity is often prescribed by doctors trained in Anthroposophical Science to heal and regulate our physical and emotional systems.
  • Tissue Paper Collages or ‘Painting from the Unconscious’:   day-long, periodic workshops inspired by C.G. Jung’s “In Search of Personal Myth,” helping us to understand the emotional ‘landscape’ of our psyche and to  improve the connection with our inner Self.