Meditative Watercolors:

Using only the basic colors, each having their specific healing properties, these ongoing series of two-hour painting activities will address the impact of the world we live in, the nature around us, passing seasons, as well as specific events in our lives. These sessions are particularly recommended for people who never held a paint brush in their hands before and who don’t consider themselves as ‘artists.’


Tissue Paper Collages or Painting from the Unconscious:

In this day-long workshop we combine art-making, inner contemplation, and free imagination to go on an inner journey aiming to obtain a better perspective on what’s going on in our current life. Through this unconscious approach we attempt to find the answer to the question deep within each one of us: “Where am I at? What is My Life Path?”  By unconsciously creating images from our inner world, we become more aware of our outer lives and often become more motivated and empowered to take a different direction on ‘our life path.’