Tissue Paper Collages or ‘Painting from the Unconscious’:

Over twenty-five years ago, I took a number of workshops in New York with Dr. Edith Wallace, MD, PhD, who has been herself in analysis with C.G.Jung, and his wife, Emma Jung.  She left us a valuable book: Queen’s Quest, Pilgrimage for Individuation.  This workshop invites the participant to enter the “inner sanctum” of their soul and experience the transformative power of art making “from the unconscious.” During this day-long workshop,  we shall combine art-making processes, inner contemplation, and free imagination to go on an inner journey aiming  at a better perspective on your current life.  Through this unconscious process, strongly encouraged by C.G. Jung, we will  be attempting to find an answer to some existential questions deep within each of us: “where am I at this time?  What is my life path?  By unconsciously creating images from our inner world, we become more aware of our outer lives.  This “inner journey” helps us to become more motivated and empowered to take a different direction on “our life path.”